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March-April 2014

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Letters to the Editor - March-April 2014

Change welcomes letters to the editor. They should be sent to the executive editor, Margaret Miller, at

To the Editor:

Thank you for an excellent overview of current work related to the Degree Qualifications Profile [in the November/December 2013 issue of Change].

My only quibble would be that the responsibility for student learning belongs not only to faculty but above all to students. Students need to know about the DQP and the version of it that their institution embraces. They need to apply its principles to their own experiences, in classrooms, in activities, wherever. Ultimately, the quality of a student's education is the product of his or her own effort, and the coherence of the college experience must be constructed in the mind of the student.

To accomplish that, however, requires a level of meta-consciousness about learning and a degree of self-motivation that we generally do not teach (quite the contrary, in too many cases!) and generally do not find in US students. That skill and that disposition, it seems to me, are the ur-learning outcomes and the recipe for true life-long learning. They could be the most significant contribution of the DQP—especially now, in an era of unbundling when the student is the unifying element in a college education, not the institution or the faculty.       


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